What is this?

An offline database with online utilities and zero setup.

Offline Database

It's your data. It belongs to you and you keep it locally. You can export the whole database or just some table's data to a CSV file. You'll never get locked in.

Online Utilities

Being connected to the internet enables a lot of convenient features: real-time pricing and availability on multiple distributors, updated currency converter and an app updater! You'll be noticed when new updates are available and BOMER will update itself automatically.

Zero Setup

You don't need a server and all the configurations it requires. It all runs on your computer. Just extract BOMER to a folder of your choice and run the executable.

For who?

For Electronics Makers and Professionals.

BOMER is specially targeted for single-users. If you don't need to share your data with anyone else or you are the only person responsible for managing parts and projects in a team, then BOMER is for you! If you don't fit any of these cases but you'd still want to use BOMER, get in touch. BOMER will have a FREE and a PRO (paid) version. Free for makers and paid for professionals. A professional is someone who makes money out of electronics. A maker or hobbyist is someone who doesn't. Fair enough, right?


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BOMER is being actively developed.
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